Will Powers | The Psychic Cowboy Comedy Show

“Will Powers”- Round Up of Laughs!

Professional comedian Grant Damsgaard is the wildly entertaining Will Powers – The Psychic Cowboy! Grant’s character Will Powers is a satirical parody combining the rough and rugged nature of Alberta’s rich cattle ranch and farming communities, with the absurd and ridiculous psychic industry. Grant’s comedic character Will Powers will astound and amaze with his psychic abilities and also have them rolling with laughter.

“Will” (Grant) prepares in advance by customizing the comic material incorporated into his “psychic readings”. Actually the client provides the names of a few well known attendees, along with a well prepared bio on each. In no way are those chosen to participate ever belittled or humiliated and Grant’s professional integrity ensure there is no profanity or obscenities. This clean customized and interactive stage comedy performance is the perfect crowd pleaser.

Whether your Corporation, Company, Service Club, or Association, is holding a conference, convention, staff party or fund raiser, Will Powers – The Psychic Cowboy Comedy Show, ropes up an outrageously hilarious cattle drive of laughs!