Floyd The Nerd

Floyd the Nerd is a character created by comedian Grant Damsgaard and for all intents and purposes Floyd is a real person, his walk, talk, and gestures are totally outrageous and all his own. Floyd is intelligent and functional, but completely socially inept. Once described as a cross between Jerry Lewis and “Kramer” from Seinfeld.

Floyd’s Recipe For A Comedy Hit

THE SET-UP – How Grant prepares custom entertainment every time

Floyd is armed with two or three names of individuals in attendance, (those chosen should be of status, executive members, management, etc.) He also has at his disposal a complete bio on each, including their job description, marital status, hobbies, habits, likes, dislikes, and funny or embarrassing anecdotes.

Comedy is contrast and when Floyd enters a room he’s immediately out of place and it’s obvious. Initially he acts very disoriented, not certain if he’s in the right room, let alone the right function. Gradually his presence is realized as a “buzz” generates throughout the room. Floyd has zero inhibitions and eager to complete his mission, approaches a table or group of people. Then the real fun begins.
THE SURPRISE – How Grant gets Floyd into his situations

Grant admits that the element of surprise is a key ingredient when incorporating his comedic character Floyd in a professional function, often the audience is unaware of any planned entertainment other than perhaps a small mention of a surprise in the program.

Floyd’s Mission

Floyd knows somebody, that knows somebody, that knows these individuals on a personal basis. Floyd was told they would be in attendance and that he could speak with them about some future involvement with their company, corporation, or organization.
THE DELIVERY – Stand-In Comedy

Traditional Stand-up comedy has been restricted to the stage. Grant’s character Floyd breaks all the rules. His stage is the audience. This wildly unorthodox approach is yet another key component in executing a tear-rolling performance.

100% Profanity Free

Many comedians begin their careers using profanity as a crutch to color their material and accent their attitude and delivery. Once a comedian begins this practice it restricts the diversity of venues and audiences they can successfully perform for. Grant’s own moral standards and integrity insure the humor is clean, with no profanity or obscenities. Grant has designed his program so that each individual selected to participate can offer as much, or as little retort as they wish. In no way are these persons subjected to any belittling or humiliation.
THE PUNCHLINE – The Material

Grant’s comic material is the meat in his recipe for big laughs and he serves up a buffet of quips, quirks, and one-liners.

When it comes to customized comedy Grant prepares well in advance to engage his audience in comic material suited to their function. For example, preparing for the Victoria International Airport Christmas party Grant’s material focused on “flying, travel, luggage, destinations, and security.” He also goes a step further to include comic material based on the bio-information of management and executives in attendance.