About Grant

Grant DamsgaardGrant Damsgaard is one of the funniest corporate comedians with some of the fastest comebacks in the West. Grant is a seasoned performer entertaining audiences across much of Western Canada for the last 20 years. Personally launching three Rent-A-Nerd comedy agencies: Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Winnipeg Manitoba, and Kelowna BC. Although Grant has moved on these successful agencies continue to date.

Grant’s improvisation skills are first rate. Combine that with his ability to retain volumes of information and you have a recipe to engage an entire room, fill it with tears of laughter and keep it tasteful.

Comedic roasts performed by Grant via his character Floyd the Nerd has given him the opportunity to roast all professions of society including: doctors, lawyers, teachers, priests, law enforcement, corporate C.E.O.’s and many leaders of the municipal, provincial and federal government.

Grant’s talents however are not limited to his character Floyd the Nerd. His talent also takes centre stage with his comedic character Will Powers – The Psychic Cowboy Comedy Show! Quoted as “fresh, quick, clever and thought provoking”, this stage performance is as wildly entertaining and ridiculously hilarious as the name suggests.